Results + Getting Dressed 1 Week Post Op: Masculinization Lipo

In case you wanna see my one week results + all the stuff ya gotta wear if you get this surgery, here you go!

Go watch my first video here:

Also, I promise I’m not this awkward/hesitant in real life? And can you tell that like half of what I watch on YouTube is trans girls doing makeup tutorials? Making videos is harder than I thought. TAKING ONE FOR THE CAUSE YALL.

Be beautiful fellow enbies! Will link to next video [here] when I’m done making it.


  1. Great video! I never knew about this kind of surgery and I am super happy for you and excited to see how it looks when the swelling goes down! Feel hugged, Fox :-)

  2. Your results look amazing. I'm looking forward to following your channel and learning more about your experiences. You have already got me curious about lipo as a potential goal :)

  3. Hey do you have any advice for name changing, I really love my name but I'd rather have a unisex or masculine name that doesn't feminize me with first impressions.

  4. I had lipo on the 16th of December and still till this day I don't see any results I'm still alittle numb I had Lipo on my stomach on my love handles and on my chin and on my arms and my chin is still a lot numb but everywhere else is like not as numb but I don't see no results am I still supposed to wait for some or what can somebody please help me out I spoke with my doctor he told me stop looking in the mirror it's going to take about 4 months before I see anything can somebody please answer me out me out thank you

  5. Hey Adriaan, I was just wondering, how you are doing. I haven't uploaded any more videos because – well – life got in the way. I guess it's the same for you. But I would love to hear from you again!

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