James Testimony With Coolsculpting: Six Pack Abs

Hey I’m James curtly,

I came to rexfang because I’m pretty active. I work out, I surf, I hike probably like four or five days a week and I just have kind of a small problem area where I don’t have a lot of definition where the abs are and I’ve heard great things about CoolSculpting so I’m here to get a consultation and see what we can do with it.

So James came in for coolsculpting. Today we did an assessment on James and we decided to contour his body. We’re going to use two applicators on his lower abdomen and two applicators on his flanks.

Now he’s a great candidate because he takes really good care of himself he’s obviously in great shape, but he decides he’s done watching pockets but he couldn’t spot reduce with diet and exercise alone.

Hey guys I’m trying a cool sculpting the first time. We did one area right here going to this area neck and she’s putting on what is this code this is a gel pad so this is going to protect your skin from the really cold temperatures of the handpiece. Gel pad is really cold but very important.

How does this I feel?

Now that is over it’s better it’s called out it was frozen before kind of heard a little bit but not bad. Overall on a scale of one to ten the pain levels like three or four. So now she’s putting the applicator on which is going to breathe it and suction it.

Here we go…one two three perfect tugging pulling tugging pulling okay get cold about five minutes min. So this stays on for about 35 minutes that’s what we have a set for.

Is that normal 35 minutes for everyone or depends?

It depends on the applicator for 30 minutes on average. CoolSculpting is the newest technology available at rexfang the way it works cryolipolysis.


And you say what is cryolipolysis?

Well as the phrase suggests let’s break it down cryo means cold, lipolysis means the destruction of fat. So we destroy unwanted fat on your body losing cold technology.

When a patient receives CoolSculpting we take a large hand piece which is called an applicator and we target an unwanted area of fat that might be the sub-mental area which is under the chin, it could be the love handles, it could be the lower portion the stomach, the top portion stomach, typically any area has unwanted fat.

So the applicator stays in that area for about an hour. With the inflammation via suction and via the cryo of that handpiece the cold component of the handpiece that unwanted fat is targeted. After now we remove the handmade and we have to massage really really vigorously.

The cryo component of cryolipolysis CoolSculpting forms metaphorical ice crystal. Icicle in the unwanted pocket of fat and that vigorous thorough massage for just a few minutes destroy those ice crystals, crushes them up and destroys the fat also.

What kind of results can you expect with CoolSculpting?

Let me be very very clear this isn’t just some sort of visual cellulite reduction this is a permanent reduction in unwanted fat and the pockets where that fat resides is twenty-five percent reduced with each treatment.

How long does it take?

Just a few weeks typically we like to reassess patients 12 weeks after they start so that we can show them their great results.

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