CoolSculpting – My 4 week Check in Results

I’d love to hear more about under the chin. I’ve lost about 40 lbs and have a lot to go, but I’m starting to see loose skin under my chin. Does it tighten the skin as well as getting rid of the fat, or is this one more for younger folks who have skin elasticity still? (I am 43)

as always your videos are the best .. you will never understand how much your honesty means to me .. you are a very genuine chic anyway … DOC QUESTION!!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking hard about cool sculpting for my um i guess you would call it double chin .. ive gained some pounds and then ill lose it then ill gain im sure alot of us know what I’m talking about anyway ive struggled with getting the fat under my chin to go away like i love the way my faace is shaped but from the weight my chin and around that area i just cant get rid of it plus im 37 years old so i really wanna find any info on this area so i dont really know how to do the questions about it so any info will be so much appreciated.. maybe cost of that area is it worth it to do that area ect……. also ive had 2 c sections ive thought of a tummy tuck but im scared and ive been looking into cool sculpting for awhile but if i do my belly then im gonna have to do my thighs and inner thighs and i can only imagine how much that would end up costing so as of now im really interested in any information you can help with the under chin area thanks stephanie so much i can’t wait for your update …

What’s the most amount a stomach fat you can reasonably expect to be frozen off?
In the video she specified ~20% of fat cells

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